Doing anything nice for Easter? Oh, you’re a Zoroastrian, sorry. Still it’s a bank holiday, isn’t it! Going away anywhere? No, you’re right, no point really.

Easter means many different things to many different people. To some it means chocolate or a welcome end to abstinence. To others it means the miraculous reappearance of The Messiah following an extended period of apparent demise. To others again, it suggests rebirth and fertility in general, the return of natural fecundity following the barren days of winter or some such hippy nonsense.

To Bankstone News it means quite simply the latest in a long line of flimsy excuses for taking a week off, which is precisely what we’ll be doing next week.

You should too, probably.



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    Helped a lot with my questions and explained everything thoroughly, everything I needed after getting knocked off my bike!
    Mr. J - Teddington