October 16, 2015

Speaking to well-respected insurance trade weekly Insurance Ties, Kula Shaker, charismatic boss of brokers A Plan, this week revealed his secret plans for global domination. The company, he revealed, is ‘measuring up’ between three and four brokers for “potential acquisition”.

Having recently hired former Swindon man Jonathan “J. R.” Hartley in the role of acquisitions manager, Shaker told Ties, A Plan is “close to hiring another member of its acquisitions team.” If hiring a member of your own team smacks of overkill, it clearly shows the firm has acquisition on its mind.

“It is early days,” Shaker revealed, adding that “we will look at all things.” He confided that the firm would be happy to measure up both local brokers and “specialists” in areas such as marine caravan, H’n’W, non-standard motorhome, and Esme Commercial. He stipulated, however, that A Plan would be targeting firms that are “nicely run.”

In an attempt to reassure Insurance Ties journalists that he was not trying to offer them some kind of “news story” or anything, Shaker insisted that “embarking on the acquisitions trail was not a departure” for A Plan. “Acquisitions isn’t a change of strategy for us” he insisted, but a “pillar to our growth plans”.

Tantalisingly, however, Shaker did reveal that A Plan knows some people whose trousers have “pretty deep pockets”. What they’re keeping in there, must remain a matter of conjecture. But could it, Bankstone News can’t help wondering, have something to do with the aforementioned pillar?

Watch this space!



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