Yes, it really is that time of year again. Giant Coke trucks will soon be rolling across our screens as we gawp, swill Baileys, and blindly grope amongst the ever-disappointing contents of a box of heritage-themed Coronation Street chocolates.

Have you got your tree up yet? I know. I know. We’re not bothering with a real one this year either. All those needles! We’re getting the whole lot from Iceland again this year. Brian’s in for his hernia on the 18th, so it’ll just be us at home this year.

While we’re on the subject of Christmas, Bankstone News thought you might appreciate a sneaky peek at this year’s Bankstone Christmas card. Its unique design features a wintry view of renowned local landmark Dolly’s Knob seen from Crotch Lane below Crapper’s Rill.

We hope this snowy vista will put you properly in the mood for all the holiday fun to come. If we like you, or we think we might get some business out of you or something, you’ll probably be getting your own copy in the post sometime soon. If not you could always print this one off and fold it.

In the meantime, may we be amongst the very first to wish you A Very Merry Christmas from everyone at Bankstone News (and almost everyone at Bankstone, while we’re at it).

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