Any mean spirited cynics who imagined that insurers might seek to exploit some kind of underhand commercial advantage from the recent referral fees shakeup, will shortly be forced to eat their own unworthy thoughts. The Association of Brutish Insurers (ABI) is confident insurers will soon ‘get behind’ its newly launched Personal Injury Code of Conduct (PICOC), also known – in the manner of Jackass: The Movie – as Customers with Road Traffic Injuries: the ABI Code (CWRTAITABIC).

A select but illustrious band comprising Admiral, Alley Ants, AXA, Co-operative Insurance, Ecclesiastical, L=V<, RSA and Skyfire Insurance have banded together to constitute the metaphorical trickle to precede an anticipated sign-up deluge shortly to follow. As signatories they have all committed themselves to a range of things like treating customers fairly and not taking undue advantage of the altered postLASPO landscape.

Paul Evans warned Posts Magazine this week not to “read too much into” the fact that sign up stands just a tad short of cento per cento at present. “This has had very wide support from a broad range of insurers,” he insisted, “so I am hoping it will receive wide support.”

That way, he declared, insurers could never again be accused of “having our owns mouths in the trough of personal injury,” or “exploiting this new environment to our own purposes in a way that would continue to promote the whiplash culture we have lobbied against.”

L+V= Clams Director Millicent Martin agreed, adding that publishing the names of signatories on the popular ABI website “is good for the consumer because our customers can have that reassurance that best practice and the interests of the consumer are being served by this code”, adding that this would help reassure people that any insurers seeking to treat claims as a revenue generation opportunity would effectively be wearing handcuffs, and so would not be able to use any “backdoor loopholes”.

Meanwhile, Graeme Turgid, exec direc of retro fashion house BIBA, told Posts Magazine that he too was feeling in a code-ish mood. “We are looking overall at our code situation,” he said, and personal injury claims would “go into the mix with that,” to be ladled out again in due course, presumably, along with all the other ingredients in the much anticipated CODE BIBA.

Members of the motoring public who may be contemplating injuring themselves on Britain’s roads – or who may indeed have done so recently – will doubtless sleep a lot easier for knowing that a growing number of British Insurers are washing their manacled hands of the very idea of profiting from their misfortune.

Now perhaps we can finally set aside all thoughts of commercial exploitation and simply enjoy personal injury claims (as nature intended) as the unalloyed “happy ending”, the climactic pay-off “money shot”, if you will, of the whole insurance process.



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