Anyone who’s keen on signs – and, let’s face it, who isn’t – will be excited to learn that leading professional insurance claims handling firm Bankstone is celebrating the erection of some very impressive new signage at its UK headquarters building in Brickhouse, W Yorks.

Newly affixed to the exterior facades of Bankstore’s impressive two-storey office complex are two spanking new signage implementations – each more impressive than the other!

The signage now located above the imposing front entrance of the firm’s prestigious Dole House address is particularly awe-inspiring. It features individual blue and orange letters, lovingly carved from durable acrylic sheet and attached to the pediment in exactly the right order – along with the compelling subscript ‘Professional Insurance      Claims Handlers’.

This combination leaves building visitors in no possible doubt as the the occupant company’s name and the nature of the activities taking place within!

A second sign includes the same combination of the Bankstone wordmark and subscript descriptor, plus a vivid pictorial evocation of the company’s heritage in the bleak and unforgiving wastelands of the nearby Yorkshire moors.

Any eye that finds these vivid and informative embellishments anything less than fully satisfactory is surely very hard to please indeed! Their full effect is, of course, not easy to convey in a mere two-dimensional image, however artfully framed by the photographer’s art. So why not come and gaze upon them for yourself!

Visits by appointment only. Small group tours available by special request. No coaches or charabancs. Strictly no burrowing animals.



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