June 28, 2012

In possibly the most exciting new development in the motor insurance market for many a year, a company based in Chelmsford has come up with a refreshingly short-termist take on the tired old price-comparison trope. Why compare all car cover quotes, the imaginatively named Short Term Car Insurance suggests, when you can just compare short term car insurance deals?

Why is this news, you may be wondering. It is news because Short Term Car insurance’s PR firm have put out a press release that starts out by mentioning that the OFT has launched an investigation into why motor insurance is so expensive and, btw, why insure your car ALL the time – seeing as it is “so expensive” – when you can save £££s by just insuring it SOME of the time.

It’s genius, really. Plus they’ve got three great reasons why you might want to do this or something vaguely related to it (using the really great Short Term Car Insurance site to do so, obviously).

Paraphrasing only slightly, these three great reasons are as follows:

1. Perhaps you’re a student or something and you only drive at certain times of the year

2. Perhaps, when you do feel like driving, you should drive a car that’s really cheap to insure like a “Citreon Ami 8 Club”

3. Perhaps you are a man and might like to insure short-term until premiums for men plummet following full implementation of EU gander equality legislation later this year

And there you have it!

Never say Bankstone News doesn’t bring you the stories that matter, when they matter, in a manner than matters. It’s just a ridiculous thing to say. You’d sound stupid, and nobody what know what you were on about.


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