Here’s a topical question for this time of year: what do you give the man or woman who has everything?

Ha, trick question!

You can’t give them anything, because they’ve got everything. And you, consequently, have nothing. Maybe they should give you something instead.

And speaking of presents, why not get yourself and/or your favourite colleagues and/or business partners the perfect early Christmas present (or alternative mid-winter seasonal festivity of your choice present) by signing them up for Insurance Endurance 2018, the UK’s premier insurance themed karting type event!

Granted, you and/or they will have a little while to wait before enjoying this present, as IE18 doesn’t take place until 26 June next year. But if you don’t sign up now, you and/or they could miss out altogether, as spaces are limited.

Plus, if you get the thing booked now, you can while away those lazy Yuletide hours dreaming happily – as you rinse mince pie crumbs from betwixt your claggy teeth with a hearty slug of Louis Frotteur Premium Cognac – of tearing round Grantham’s PFI Kart Track in an absurdly pokey kart-type thing in the balmy haze of far off British Summertime.

As you may recall from last year, the event involves teams of up to eight drivers competing in a six-hour ‘endurance’ race.

Everyone involved works in or around the insurance industry, making this the ideal opportunity, as the website stresses, to go head to head against ‘the cream of the sector’ or simply do some shameless networking. Or both, even. Probably both.

You can read about the 2016 event here. If you insist.

Oh, and you might like to know that, for 2018, the event has new very high quality (VHQ) catering contractors on board – virtually guaranteeing a complete and welcome absence of beige pork.

What, as they say, is not to like!

To book or find out more, click here without delay.


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