Garlicky insurance giant AXA has launched a new initiative designed to make claims rejection letters more “transparent”. The firm says it is planning to publish three guides for brokers and their clients to some of the most common reasons why claims may be thrown out.

The guides focus respectively on explaining why you shouldn’t leave your keys in an unattended vehicle, leave your roof in a poor state of repair if you think there might be a storm or neglect to carry out regular maintenance on the alarm at your business premises.

Rather like those handwritten signs in shops and bars advising clients not to ask for credit “as a refusal may cause offence” AXA’s new seeing-through-claims drive should help to stop people getting all hurt and upset when advised that their own stupidity has robbed them of the chance to claim some money back.

“What we are doing isn’t rocket science,” insists AXA lady Mandy Blanc modestly, but, she says, “repudiations of claims” has a “disproportionate impact on relationships with customers and the reputation of the industry,” which this, presumably, should help to fix.

BIBA is backing AXA’s drive towards claims declining clarity, with CEO Steve “Walter” White noting, in tones reminiscent of an estuary William Hague, that “these helpful guides will go a long way to providing clarity and increasing customer understanding.”

Excitingly, more guides – on topics such as business interruption indemnity periods, the application of excesses, and theft following forcible and violent entry – will be unveiled to public view for the very first time at next week’s Biba conference.



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