October 26, 2014

As anyone who’s ever had the misfortune to find themselves transnavigating the surface of a bubbling cauldron (and, let’s face it, who hasn’t) will readily confirm, such a passage can be, to say the very least of it, a trifle warm on the warm side and possibly just a tad choppy.

Well brace yourselves Motor Insurance People, because you’re in for something alarmingly analogous!

Analists Towels What’s On are predicting that tomorrow’s motor insurance market will feature a “bubbling cauldron” containing, not of the traditional leg of lamb, eye of newt, bat’s pizzle etc, but ‘big data, telematics and driverless cars’: a combination of ingredients combining manifest indigestibility with violent turbulence.

Insurers who have never heard of telematics or who thing big data is an online matchmaking service for plus-sized people, will discover to their cost that the Towels What’s On issue cauldron is “ready to scald” them.

The steamy heaving bubble troubled surface of tomorrow’s unappetising issue stew raises the pressing question, Towels note, ‘of how companies foster and manage innovation.’ Bankstone News can only imagine that it raises some other questions too, but has frankly no idea what they might be.

And, as if the three main ingredients weren’t already enough, Towels are predicting that they’re likely to be seasoned with ‘continuing business volatility and uncertainty over recent and future legislative and regulatory changes.

Why does life have to keep changing? What was wrong with the way things were? Is this enough words yet?



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