Bankstone News was shocked to learn this week that the insurance industry (rather like that paradigmatically deranged disappointee Miss Havisham in the famous tale by David Dickinson, forever forlornly interrogating the pale reflection of her faded beauty in the near opacity of a dust-and-cobweb-enshrouded looking glass) has, or at least had until recently, a ‘dull image’.

The good news, however, is that, according to ever-dependable organ of insurance truth Insurance Tides, insurance is shedding its ‘dull’ image to emerge triumphantly as the hot ’n’ steamy, super sexy, must-have career of choice for every thrusting young school leaver.

“The days of falling into a job in insurance broking” are well and truly over, Tides declares. It’s perfectly possible today for even graduates to quite deliberately CHOOSE to work in insurance broking – even if their father, his father, and his father’s father haven’t already done so since the days when Messrs. Lloyd, de Rougemont, Bowring, Mincing, Heath and Lime bestrode the City like so many mighty slip-mongering colossi.

The shamefully self-inflicted repetitional stainage with which bankers emerged so copiously marked from the wreckage of this country’s recent financial infelicities has had the welcome if unexpected side effect of making insurance look hot, fresh, wholesome and hunky by comparison. Youngsters looking for a line of work that’s sensible as well as sexy are seeing insurance in a seductive new light.

Yes, the broking sector’s constant striving to achieve its long cherished dreams of sexiness, Tides reports, are finally “beginning to pay off.” While a survey in 2012 found that only 1% of students thought a career in insurance sounded OK. Now – following the launch of some absolutely exciting initiative from Big 3 brokers Marsh, Willies and Eon and some other thing called Brokerbilly – fully “28% of those polled on the CII’s Discover Risks website” expressed a firm determination to become insurance brokers.

Or something.



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