Millions of Brits are planning to do something really stupid this year (or was that last year?)

That’s according to people like The Sun, Which? Consumer Intelligence and Gram Turgid, boss of leading retro fashion house BIBA.

Apparently now is the perfect time for brick-wielding smash-and-grab car thieves to strike, as idiot Brits are piling their unattended cars high with expensive Christmas presents – sitting targets for those who choose to help themselves.

According to reports in The Sun, Brits who “leave shopping bags filled with Christmas presents in their car overnight” are “running the risk of being left out of pocket if thieves steal their gifts.”

And if they do they’ll have no one to blame but themselves, because Which? told Sun reporters, their insurance polices are unlikely to pay out.

Research by Consumer Intelligence has found that the average Brits spends around £700 a day on presents, food and drink at this time of year – with 46% of them promptly stashing the lot in their car!

Why would they do this?, you may wonder. According to The Sun, it could be because they want to keep surprise presents hidden from their intended recipients. Or it could just be that they’ve decided to unload their car in the morning. Or some other time. Or maybe they’re just stupid (see above).

BIBA’s Mr Turgid notes that “Most motor policies will have limits on the value of personal possessions including presents – this will probably be limited to around £150, which is likely to be similar to your excess and it might affect your NCD (unless protected).”

You can certainly see how he got his name!


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