When the UK’s senior judiciary needed to put some metaphorical muscle behind its efforts to extend fixed recoverable costs to all types of legal action, they knew exactly where to turn. The Right Horrible Sir Rupert Matthew Jackson aka, Lord ‘Justice’ Jackson, aka ‘Action Jackson’ is the go-to guy when it comes to kicking legal ass. Now Jacko’s back, you can be sure we’re going to see some serious ‘legal action’.

Regular readers will doubtless have fond memories of ‘Justice’ Jackson’s starring role in the smash hit Jackson Report and its highly acclaimed sequel LASBO which, amongst other things, banned squatting (a perennially unattractive posture at the best of times, and one best left to continental defecators and chairless orientals) and restricted legal aid to persons facing life and death situations.

Everyone agreed that LASBO struck a major blow against the modern curse of procedural frivolity, and admired its innovative innovation of ascribing fixed-price prices to various small scale acts of legal representation. This made legal costs more like items in an Argos catalogue or dishes on a takeaway menu. Which was obviously a good thing.

It wasn’t just punters and insurance companies who dug this whole fixed-price schtick, Jacko recently claimed, while discussing his return to the cost fixing fray: loads of soliciting types were also really keen on it – because it meant they didn’t have to bother working out how much they wanted to be paid for the legal stuff they did themselves or bought in from someone else.

Like an over-zealous new recruit let loose in a 70s retail outlet with one of those old-skool hand-held rotary price sticker printing gizmos, Jacko’s now out to price-up all but the most unusual and exclusive of legal scenarios.

The legal profession will be thrilled to see fixed costs fixed for all cases worth up to a quarter of a million quid, the man they’re calling ‘Captain Justice Pants’ claims, because it will “dispense with the need for costs budgeting, which not everyone enjoys.”

Bankstone News may very well have got entirely the wrong end of every single stick from which this story has been constructed. It wouldn’t be the first time. And, if you want to know about legal stuff, you should probably be reading Legal Highs or The Lancet or something. But, basically, the headline news is that JJ’s back, and stuff is going to get sorted, and everyone’s going to be pleased and relieved to see good sense enforced with the bluff masculine muscularity that’s become Action Jackson’s trademark hallmark.

Anyone who doesn’t like it has until 16 January 2017 to get their mealy-mouthed self-serving whinge-o-rama-thons submitted to [email protected].



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