Yes, it’s picture caption time again!

Here’s your chance to bag a free life-time subscription to Bankstone News – plus the Gourmet Spam Bap Surprise of your choice from Kylee’s of Manningham – by simply doing our job for us and coming up with a hilarious caption to go with the already moderately hilarious photograph featured on the right.

In case you’re a bit ignorant or something (no offence), the image in question shows Bankstone’s own (entirely sober) Dixon Typepool flanked on the right by 50s film throb Marilyn Manson and on the left (in no particular order) by a Joanna Comely impersonator.

Answers please by email only to The Editor – and can we please not have any of the usual smut speculating as the the whereabouts of any hands not visible from the angle at which this photograph was taken.

The winner will be announced in a future edition of Bankstone News. If you want a clue, it’s someone Bankstone is hoping to sign a lucrative professional handling deal with in the very near future.

We really can’t say any more than that now – because we want it to come as a lovely surprise (a bit like whatever it is that has just happened to Joanna in the accompanying image).



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