October 30, 2009

It’s busier than ever over at Swinton as the broker contacts 350,000 customers offering refunds on premiums they paid for payment protection insurance they may never have asked for.

Fined £770,000 by the FSA for automatically including PPI in quotes without asking customers whether they wanted it, Swinton got off lightly according to consumer campaigner Which?

“This is a truly shocking case,” claims Whichy woman Vera Cottrell.
Swinton “saddled thousands of people with unnecessary and unsuitable insurance,” she argues. Refunds, she says, should be automatic not something people have to apply for.

Swinton is believed to have made £7.8 million from PPI before the FSA told it to stop selling the product in March 2008. In addition to adding the cover automatically, Swinton advisors were accused of “failing to make clear that PPI was optional.”

In other news, Chief Solomon Fasamenseh has insisted that bandits in Mankuna district who purloined ten goats from the flocks of local villagers must pay a fine of one goat at once or suffer the consequences.


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