It’s always good to hear from our readers, and this week we were delighted to hear from last week’s competition winner Omar Head from Automotive SS in Bingley. To save us the bother of writing something else, his letter is reproduced in full below.

Dear Editor,

You remember I am sure I am the winner of your caption competition. Thank you for the free meal for one voucher you sent me so promptly.

I wanted to write to tell you what a great time I had at Taste of Gandhi in Brighouse (which I found quite easily between the 50p shop and Arbuckle’s Discount Meats thanks to your map) and how much I enjoyed the food I ate there. Unfortunately I can not.

When I arrived there last Wednesday evening at seven o’clock the owner Jamal put down his newspaper and told me “We are closed”. I said that the door was open and the music was playing and there was a man eating at the table by the window. “That’s my cousin, Karim,” he explained, “and I was just closing up.” I said “It is only seven o’clock” and I showed him my voucher and I explained that I had telephoned earlier to say I was coming and someone told me OK. He looked, in an angry way, at the man who was eating, the one he called Karim. Karim shrugged his shoulders and looked at his food again.

It was only after a long argument that Jamal agreed I could stay. The voucher said all you can eat. Unfortunately I could not eat very much. I tried a Meat Rogan Josh but it was like cat food with crunchy lentils and some curry powder partly stirred into it. It was also rather cold and smelled quite bad. I asked if I could try another dish, which made Mr Jamal angry. He started to threaten me, but I stood my ground (in fact I was sitting down) and eventually he agreed I could have a Meat Vindaloo.

While this was happening two young women in track suits came in and then left again quickly. They didn’t say anything. Karim farted loudly and wandered into the back of the restaurant. I did not see him again. When my Meat Vindaloo came it looked like the Rogan Josh I had sent away before. But now it was very hot and I almost burned my hand on the plate.

This is not good, I told Jamal. He said that if I did not like it I could go away. This is exactly what I decided to do. But then he tried to stop me leaving until I had paid him £10 for the bottle of Cobra which he said he had already opened (although I had not seen it), but I refused and said I would not be recommending Taste of Gandhi, not even if it was the last restaurant in all the world and I lived to be a thousand years old.

All in all it was a disappointing evening. If this is what Gandhi tasted like, I am frankly not surprised that India got thrown out of the British Empire. So thank you for awarding me the first prize in your competition (and for the voucher and your very helpful map) but I do not think I will be entering again.

I will also not be reading Bankstone News again (not for a while anyway) because you have left a bad taste in my mouth.

Yours faithfully

Mr Omar Head

Deputy Parts Director, Automotive Solutions Systems, Bingley




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