The days when insurance fraud passed easily undetected are long gone.

Insurers long ago replaced the armies of plodding scribes who wrote endlessly to claimants asking ‘did you really lose all those things you said you lost, and have you got any receipts please?’ with highly sophisticated fraudbots that can spot a dodgy claim a mile off.

The other BIG problem facing would-be fraudsters is the Metropolitan Line’s dreaded iFED police squad (known simply to friends and foes alike as the Feds). This crack team can sniff out suspicious claims activity like Derringham’s Pill Moth sensing the spores of a fructating Javanese Jinmule.

A case in point was the recent apprehension of Watford based superfraudster Joel Mtebe (alias Joel M’tebe, Joel Umtebe, Joel M Tebe) who was caught out after submitting thirteen suspiciously similar home insurance claims to insurer Arse A over a thirteen month period from Feb 2014 to March 2015.

Having forked out over £12k (in compensation for various designer handbags and laptops etc. left on trains and in taxis) to Mr Mtebe and his various aliases at the same Watford address, Arse A’s fraudbots grew suspicious and decided to refer a number of claims (8) to the Feds.

The Feds took Mr M downtown and applied some investigatorial pressure. The sap soon cracked and poured out that he knew what he done was wrong but times were hard and he had a partner and son to support. This confession prompted Arse A to submit a further seven potentially suspicious claims for the Feds’ consideration.

When Mtebe attempted for flee the country, the Feds were waiting. They pounced at Heathrow and took the fraudster in for further questioning. The misrepresentative miscreant had little choice but to admit his involvement in the additional seven claims he’d made. He can now expect to spend the rest of his life in jail or doing community service or something.

Johnny B Dull of Arse A said his firm “has a zero tolerance towards fraud in order to better serve the vast majority of our customers who are honest. People tempted to commit fraud against us should be aware that we will pursue them and will cooperate with the police to ensure they are brought to justice.”

Even if they do it fewer than 15 times.



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