This week’s must watch video content in the world of insurance is surely Insurance Ache goes to Nottingham, in which we learn that broker-wise the erstwhile home (or occasional daring raid target, at least) of Lincoln-green clad derring-doer Robin Hood is “quite small” or “slightly underbroked” or, in other words, there’s basically b*gger all going on.

Nottingham’s insurance community, such as it is, can only look on enviously at hotspots like Leicester where the issue of underbrokeredness hardly ever arises – or indeed at Birmingham, a thriving metropolis in which no one in their right minds would ever dream of complaining about being insufficiently brokered.

Even beofre leaving the train station, Insurance Ache’s raving reporter Sean Burton discovers that Nottingham people tend to mumble monotonously whilst claiming to be excited about the arrival of HS2 and some trams.

The only insurer who can be bothered with Nottingham, she learns, is Alley Ants (and frankly they’ll go anywhere), leaving local brokerers feeling quietly dejected.

There’s only so much Sean can take of sad-faced middle-aged blokes in woodchip wallpapered offices failing to hide their feelings of helplessness and desertion, and it’s not long before she’s flicking despondently through a decidely slim What’s on In Nottingham (it’s listings, presumably, mostly read ‘See Leicester’).

All in all, a depressingly bleak portrait of what happens in a town largely forgotten by the fickle anti-provincial world of insurance.

Don’t forget to watch Part II of our regional review of Nottingham, Sean warns halfheartedly in the closing seconds of this unforgetable 5-minute classic.


Click here to watch the Insurance Ache video


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