Old Stovian, ex-soldier, and former vehicle recovery kingpin J. R. Attlee, 3rd Earl Artillery, 131, has waded into the ongoing debate on young driver risk with some remarkably forthright and incisive comments this week.

The Stoat-educated Tory pier claims the Government has “wimped out” by failing to tackle the menace of young people driving cars. The question of whether and when such persons should be permitted behind the wheel needs some serious looking at, the former Trainspot Secretary argued, alluding darkly to something called ‘graduated driving licences’.

Her Majesty’s Government must be held accountable, @lee argued, for ducking the challenge of reining in these sui/homicidal young hooligans. Measures such as ‘restricting’ them, banning them from driving after dark, and/or banning them from driving around with their friends in the car should all be looked at, right up close, with a good pair of spectacles on.

Also, the Old Stowisher queried: why are car makers still permitted to sell ‘motor cars’ that can go faster than 70 miles an hour, which is as fast as anyone is legally permitted to travel on four wheels in this country? Surely such practices must be stamped out as a matter of the utmost urgency.

Transport Mistress Baroness Kramer (Little Democrat), however, suggested that the solution to young drivers should be ‘evidence-based’. Rather than ‘restricting’ young drivers or their rides, she suggested, introducing a surveillance-based regime could hold the key to rooting out the threat of young driving.

She said the Government is actively looking at extending and taking advantage of the telematics-based in-car tracking already installed in many young people’s vehicles to monitor their every move and crack down if they get up to no good.

Now there’s a thought!



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