Britain’s drivers are a perverse and neurotic bunch according to road safeness charity Brake and insurance firm Direct Lie. All but 5% of us, according to the latest so-called survey of road user attitudes, are worried about tailgating (although 57% of it are doing it ourselves).

“That’s all very interesting, but what on earth is tailgating?”, you ask with studiously feigned innocence. Relax, you vile degenerate, we’re not talking about “back door action” or any such filth here.

Tailgating, in Bankstone News’ world at least, refers to the common practice of driving sufficiently close to the car in front of you – assuming, for the sake of the metaphor, that it’s a pick up truck or station wagon or suchlike – to pull down its tailgate (or tailboard) and – for example – help yourself to the lavish picnic packed in its trunk (or boot).

The Brake/Direct Lie survey reveals that 28 per cent of motorists admit to engaging in tailgating sessions at least monthly, with men more likely than women to unnerve other drivers by getting up close from behind. Often the cause is frustration at the slow progress of the vehicle in front (the “Toyota Avensis” as it is known colloquially).

In reality, of course, there are far safer ways of signalling an urgent desire to pass, for example: the repeated and insistent flashing of headlights and/or the honking of horns (ditto), either of which may be combined if necessary with the furious shaking of a fist, tyre iron or firearm out of a wound-down window. Whilst not strictly legal, sirens and magnetic roof-top spin-lamps also work well.

In common with the 95% of road users cited above, Rob Mild of Direct Lie is worried about the danger of people driving too fastly and nearly to other vehicles on the UK motorway network. “Driving too closely to the car in front of you is asking for trouble.” he warns, adding: “Drive too closely at speed and motorists risk not only their own life but other road users’ lives too.”

Who knew?

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