November 27, 2017

As regular readers will be well aware. there’s not much can confuse Bankstone News. But this week we finally met our match. ‘Business Insurance Solutions accelerates after rebrand’, the headline in Insurance Business said.

Already there were too many generic names involving words like Insurance and Business in play.

And Solutions? That sounded familiar. Wasn’t there some kind of a law back in the 90s that all businesses had to have Solutions somewhere in their name?

The next key word we came to was Van. That’s better. You know where you are with a van. The unrevealingly named Business Insurance Solutions, it seems, has a ‘reach’ in the van insurance market, a reach it has recently ‘grown’.

Provisionally assuming that reach growth is a good thing, we ploughed on, quickly encountering detail.

Business Insurance Solutions (formerly known as Van Compare Insurance Limited (VCIL) aka Van Line Direct (formerly known as Van Compare Direct – or possibly the other way round) claims to have ‘built’ a book. A book which, it further asserts, contains 50,000 customers and is profitable.

Basically, it seems Business Insurance Solutions is big in vans. But, because it fancied being big in things other than vans as well, it changed its name (what’s known technically as re-branding), to the considerably less van-specific name it now goes by (Business Insurance Solutions, in case you’ve forgotten already).

Since that happened, in September last year, Business Insurance Solutions has apparently ‘grown its propositions’ in commercial vehicles (which probably only sounds a bit like vans) and something called SME (possibly Something More Exciting?).

No wonder then, that Business Insurance Solutions has seen fit to beef-up its management team with the addition of a number of high-profile new hires, not the least high-profile of which is the legendary (by which we don’t mean he’s not real or anything) Ian P Richard, formerly of (the also emphatically generic-sounding) Strategic Insurance Services.

Not only is Ian a noted connoisseur of literary excellence in the reporting of insurance news, but also has the coolest LinkedIn profile picture in insurance (see below).

A justly revered doyen of all things motorised-transport-and-insurance-provision-related, Ian is sure to ‘drive’ Business Insurance Solutions to fresh peaks of profitable reach and proposition growth.

What he doesn’t know about motor underwriting is scarcely worth going into here, as we still have to find room to wish Ian the very best in his new role as ‘Group Pricing and Placement Director at Business Insurance Solutions Ltd trading as Van Compare Direct/Vanline Direct.’


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