Hats off to Bankstone News’ old friend Harry “Dr Fingers” Brunjes who, when not appearing live on stage dissecting serial killers (see previous editions), combines the roles of helmsmaning premier medical reporting group Premier Medical Group with chairmaning premier non-swanky opera venue the English Notional Opera (ENO).

Harry recently celebrated his 62nd birthday with what we understand was “a romantic and not entirely uneventful” stroll along Rio De Janeiro’s Copacabana beach. The anniversary was duly noted in former national journal of record The Times, in whose birthdays notices HB appeared in premier position, pipping luminaries such as Richard Carpenter and Sarah Duchess of York to that honour.

Hats off also (assuming there’s still some undoffed) to Premier Medical Group itself, currently appearing in a vital supporting role as, appropriately enough, a Premier Sponsor of the ENO.

These are exciting times for the ENO, with the inspirational Marty Brabbins recently confirmed as its Music Director, an appointment about which the good doctor commented reflexively: “Myself and my colleagues on the Board are confident that his appointment will bring with it both the stability and understanding that the Company needs to move forward at this time whilst maintaining ENO’s high artistic and musical standards.”

Bankstone News, whose knowledge of opera extends little further than a vague awareness that you don’t pronounce the e, is nevertheless planning to expand its cultural horizons sometime in the near future with a trip to the famed Colosseum in London where, in between gladiatorial bouts and the ever-popular ‘feeding the lions’, forthcoming acts include Lulu, Pearl Fisher and Glenn Miller. For full details click here.

And if you fancied doing something a bit philanthropic yourself – and giving the UK’s arts sector a much needed fillip – why not ‘do your bit’ by supporting the ENO yourself? You can start do so by clicking here (and then doing some other things after you’ve done that).



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