It’s been a while since Bankstone News wrote about potholes. Not long enough, some regular readers may think. But the latest pothole news is simply too important to ignore.

The BBC – a broadcasting organisation in some way associated with the acclaimed and irreplaceable 6 Music – has discovered that “motorists suffering potholes damage” on Britain’s motorway network are proving unsuccessful in their attempts to make insurance claims.

A Freedom of Information request to the Highways Agency has revealed that just one in nine such claims in England and Wales (40 out of 382) has resulted in a payout.

Proving potholes are responsible appears to be proving a problem.

Duncan McClure Fisher of portholes.co.uk told the BBC “If [motorists] were given information which told them ‘this is what you’ve got to do to make your claim’ then I think you’ve got a fair structure for the council and the driver.”

Who could argue with that?


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