Ha, ha, ha, and ha again! What better way to start the new year than with a hilarious round up of all the ridiculous things people have tried to claim for on their home insurance lately.

Only too ha, ha, happy to oblige, leading insurancers DLT, have just put out a press release that’s positively packed with exactly the type of infotainment we all crave at this dourest and least jolly of year-times.

Crazy claims from the DLT scrapbook include: people wanting money for false teeth, for some stuff that got broken while someone was playing Wii Tennis, some other stuff that got broken when someone was celebrating a goal on TV, and even a nun (!) who tried to claim when her habit got stolen!

Ha, ha, ha! There were claims for a shamisen (a horrible sounding Japanese square banjo thing), a gin ’n’ tonic exercise machine (no idea what one of those is), and even a vintage arcade-style gaming machine!

There were also claims for damage caused by lightning, sleepwalking, out of control diggers, exploding pressure cookers, and cows landing on shed roofs (see artist’s impression below). You really couldn’t make this stuff up!

Direct Lie head of home insurance Katie Low Mass said it’s fine for people to try to insure outlandish things and to make bizarre claims when far-fetched things happen that are completely beyond their control.

But “when buying insurance,” she insisted, “people should consider their lifestyles and make sure that they have adequate cover for their needs.”

And you know what, Readers, she probably has a point there.

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