“It’s disgusting,” reveals taxpaying car owner Dean Harrington, speaking exclusively to the Southern Dairy Echo.

Mr Haddington complains that he “saved up very hard,” to buy the car of his dreams, a £50,000 Mercedes AMG C63, but now he can’t drive it, because he’s afraid he may die if he does!

Every day Mr Hannington is forced to look at his pride and joy sitting there looking all moody and magnificent on his driveway; but since February this year, he simply hasn’t dared to take it out. “I don’t want to risk my life in it,” he confides.

Forced to choose between dicing with death and staying at home (or taking a bus or something), Mr Hetherington has well and truly had enough and decided to take a stand – not just on his own behalf – but in support of all those other luxury car owners forced off the road through no fault of their own.

The fault, of course, lies with Southampton City Council whose failure to spend enough money on fixing the local roads has put Mr Herringbone in this impossible position. Their callous disregard for motoring pleasure and safety it was that turned Mr H’s super sleek quality vehicle into a potential deathtrap.

Following an interaction with some local potholes (since filled, but measured by Mr H at 40-50 million metres deep), his ill-fated motor limped home one dreary February morning with buckling and cracks to all four wheels.

Having already saved up very hard once, Mr H is in no mood to fork out a further £3k for repairs, and is now point-blank refusing to drive the Merc again until Southampton City Council finds a budget for fixing or replacing the damaged wheels.

“That road caused damage to my car,” Herringson mutters bitterly, accusing the Council of causing him both pain and insult by not paying to fix the damage their roads caused. “I pay road tax and council tax,” he points out tellingly, and now he wants payback.

Heartless council officials say Harrison would have to prove them guilty of negligence before they’ll pay out a penny. Undeterred by such cynical intransigence, Mr H has come out fighting.

Instead of caving in and paying for his own repairs, Mr H says he plans to spend his hard-saved cash on taking the council to court.

“There must be hundreds of people in the same situation as me,” H says, “If I don’t stand up to [the council], no one else will.”

It’s a terrifying thought, but he might be right: Britain’s very last angry man having a go at his local council!



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