If Bankstone News should one day disappear, without apparent cause or trace, agents of the surveillance state will probably have whisked your correspondent off to a secure place of reeducation, there to be subjected to a relentless diet of Keene, Codplay, Snot Petrol, stuffed crust pizza, and the the art of Jack Vettriano until we accept that privacy is the enemy within and that every last vestige of unsurveilled human existence must be rooted out, rounded up, and severely smitten down upon.

What lies behind such lurid paranoia, you may wonder. The answer is simple. On more than one occasion Bankstone News has gone on record openly doubting the wisdom or necessity of having our every movement, action, decision, opinion or preference monitored, recorded, processed, and stored somewhere on someone or other’s database. This organ’s tardiness in welcoming the snow-bright future in which no-one may drive without being black-boxed/telematicised will be sufficient to condemn us.

But until Big Brother shuts us down, Bankstone News is not afraid to take a lonely stand against the ongoing global conspiracy to turn people’s lives into data that enables the megacorporations of which nation states are mere puppets to keep tabs on us, sell us things, and ultimately enslave us in a nightmare future where a separate race of genetically enhanced plutocrats holds the rest of us in thrall as menials bred for endless toil and/or as playthings for their restlessly malign caprice.

The recent news that Tesco has been selling people to insurance companies may have shocked some people. Not Bankstone News. Oh no, we saw this one coming a mile off. Get real, People! The Man can access your data wherever it’s at. The Man wants your medical records? No problem. Man wants to know where you’ve been and when? Telematics tells him. No telematics? He can check your mobile phone. None of them available? That’s where Britain’s 10 million CCTV feeds come in. Let’s face it, resistance is useless: there really is no place to hide.

Not content with stealing our lives, big business is after our dignity and, more importantly, our ability to listen to really loud rebellious rock music as we exercise what pitiful illusion of liberty remains to us by driving in dull unwitting futility from one place to another. Word on the street, Bankstone News read recently in the Daily Telegraph, is that “Black box car insurance will monitor your texts and turn down your radio.” Hurtling towards vanishing point with Sabbath turned down to 3 is hardly the same.

Damn you Surveillance Society.

Damn you and your demented digital dreams of global tyranny.

Damn you, God damn you, God damn you all the freaking way to hell!



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