We are still on the hunt for a new motoring correspondent for Bankstone News.

Sadly, one of the potential candidates unveiled in a recent edition of our ever-popular newszine (see previous story) has opted to withdraw her candidacy following a regrettable incident in which she distractedly left the Godalming branch of popular grocery outlet Waitrose with a trolley-full of upmarket booze without paying, and was subsequently apprehended in the act of unloading its contents into the back of her racing green Landy by a highly officious and overzealous security person intent on misconstruing an entirely innocent act of mildly-inebriated mid-afternoon absent-mindedness as the act of a common criminal.

Two of the previously confirmed candidates are still in the race, however, while another three are revealed below. But it is still by no means too late, to propose your own candidature – or that of anyone else you may care to put forward (assuming some kind of consent – even if merely tacit, implicit or vaguely probable – on their part, of course).

And so to those new entrants to the fray to whom we alluded above.

Candidate 4: Richard Smyke-Bouverie, Stowe and Oxford educated chairman of city brokers Porter Jervis Fleshmast and president the Imperial Board of Sequesterers, Smyke Bouverie delegates actual driving duties to his chauffeur, but remains a keen judge of all things automotive.

Candidate 5: Carol Voldemort. What, the Carol Voldemort? No, a different one.

Candidate 6: Christopher Belgian, Bristol-based sales superhero Chris B is renowned throughout the South West for his terrifying predilection for pushing his motors to the very limit. And we’re not just talking about the speed limit! Although he will push them to that, obviously, and sometimes even ever so slightly beyond! 

Voting will begin, following a final recapitulation of the surviving candidates, in two weeks’ time.

So get those new entrants entered and it could soon be you (or A. N. Wilson of your choice) posting their unique and fascinating insights into one or more motor vehicles of Bankstone’s choosing.




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