Bankstone News has it on excellent verbal authority that an organisation rejoicing in the unlikely name Our Donna (not to be confused with the catchy 1972 ditty Oh, Donna by laughably underpowered pop combo 10cc, or indeed with Ma Donna, Ma Baker, Donna Karan or Donna Kebab) has swooped to scoop the UK’s leading bike insurance brand Carole Nash.

The four hundred staff based at Caz Nash’s top secret Altrinchingham HQ (plus another 30 in Dublin) will now be gathered taken up into the snug, if somewhat airless, embrace of the mighty Our Donna Group, which (despite Bankstone News never having heard of it) has already subsumed such luminous brands as Towelgate, Autonewt and Chaste Simpleton beneath its fragrant aegis.

This, of course is big news, because Caz Nash provides insurance cover for roughly in in four of all UK motorbicyles. According to Caz Nash top bloke Dave Numan, the firm has spent literally years fostering its reputation, but had lately been looking for a new home from which to keep building its brand and market share.

And now it has one – and not just any new home (not one of those low-ceilinged cod-vernacular hen hutches slung up on brown fields freshly laid to tarmac, pipework, and affordably shallow foundations), no this is a really nice new home. Our Donna’s house is the sort of gaff any aspiring insurance related enterprise would want to inhabit.

Caz Nash Dave is excited, and he’s not ashamed to admit it. “We are genuinely excited by the momentum,” he says, “that is so clear to see across the [Our Donna] group.” Apparently, the two outfits have been checking each other out for a while, and both liked what they saw! It’s basically a marriage (albeit a polygamous one) made in heaven, or somewhere like that.

Plus: the two firms are really like-minded and everything, which makes Dave feel sure the deal “will create a very special opportunity for both our people and our customers.” And who doesn’t relish a special opportunity!

Not least among the attractions of Caz Nash’s new home is the fact that Our Donna apparently has a springboard, which CN Dave reckons he and his CN colleagues can use to launch themselves into the realms of “better and better.”

Dave Ross of Our Donna said he was happy to have bought Caz Nash, and that he’s also just bought something called Mastercover, a specialist SME insurance broker focusing on “niche products” of both a personal and a commercial nature.

Quite a collection Our Donna’s putting together there.



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