There was some surprising advice for drivers this week from vehicle leashing company OSV Ltd.

Most of us learned at an tender age the importance of doing things like checking mirrors and fastening seat belts before driving away.

Thanks to early lessons like these, we also now remember, when leaving a stationary car, to put the handbrake on, check the vehicle is in neutral, that indicators are off, etc, etc.

But those of you who have not been keeping up with the latest safety advice may be surprised to learn that, according to OSV spokesperson Debbie Kirkley, “engaging in sexual activities should be the last thing that people do whilst behind the wheel.”

And yet, according to a new national survey carried out by OSV, just one in seven UK drivers currently bothers to engage in sexual activities before leaving their vehicle. More worryingly still, among the over-60s just one person in seventy can still bestir themselves to perform any kind of intravehicular sexual act.

Things may be different in other parts of the world, but in loin-dead Blighty having sex behind the wheel is actually less popular that picking one’s nose, something 40% of UK drivers told OSV they enjoy.

The same survey also found that just 2% of Brits drive naked, while 2% eat “with utensils” at the wheel. Hopefully not the same 2%, because OSV claims both activities can be dangerous.

Based on these dramatic survey findings, OSV Debbie called on government and industry to do more to educate people about the dangers of things like nose picking, getting nekkid, and using a knife and fork.

Any contribution Bankstone News may just have made to that process of education is, as they say, all part of the service!

No need to thank us – just pass on it on down the line.

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