What a nasty little (online) newspaper the so-called Independent is. In one recent column within its (electronic) pages, Bankstone News was literally sickened to find a totally unwarranted and irresponsible attack on the entire fabric of the Great British motor insurance industry.

When right-thinking people heard selflessly patriotic consumer champion Rob Cummings of the ABI insist recently that “It’s time cash strapped motorists got a break [from soaring motor insurance premiums]”, we cried out with one accord: “You’re absolutely right Mr Cummings,” adding unanimously, “we do need a break, and if that means stopping people making personal injury claims, then by all means let’s have them stopped at the first possible opportunity!”

But how did the so-called Independent respond to Mr Cummings’ rallying cry? Why, with weasel words and left-wing whingeing, that’s how!

According to the “Independent” soaring motor insurance premiums have less to do with the rabid ravages of an out of control compensation culture and more to do with insurance companies making “profits” and paying “dividends” to their shareholders.

Well, excuse us! God forbid insurance companies should be allowed to make a profit! Bankstone News supposes the crypto communist “Independent” would be rather see our industry decimated, make insurance bosses and shareholders homeless, and have their children thrown out on the street.

Far from being a fearless campaigner for the little motorist (with “cape” and “Zorro mask”) the paper sneers, Mr Cummings is nothing but a “motor-mouth” intent on blaming “dodgy lawyers with their dodgy clients feigning whiplash” for rising premiums, when really it’s all down to Mr C and his mates filling their boots.

Quoting data spoon-fed him by (presumably dodgy) lawyers Thompson’s, the author of the “Independent”’s deranged attack claims rising premiums can’t be down to increasing claims costs because “the total cost of claims actually fell in 2016”. God knows where they got those figures! Diane Abbot, probably.

Claiming outlandishly that net claims have fallen every year since 2010, the so-called Independent claims motor insurance premiums keep going up because motor insurers “will ultimately charge what they think they can get away with” and care more about their “multi million pound bonuses” than decent ordinary motor insurance customers.

Condemning every other reputable newspaper in the land as “an overly credulous British media”, the “Independent” casts itself as a lone beacon of truth, standing resolute against the others’ supine acceptance of the ABI’s claimant-blaming narrative, while insurers cram their bulging pockets fit to bursting with decent ordinary motorists’ premium payments.

Has it ever even occurred to the so-called Independent’s so-called journalists that, if the whole world thinks one thing and you think something else, it might just possibly be you who’s wrong?!

Needless to say, Bankstone News would be cancelling its subscription to the “Independent” right now, if we had one.


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