March 21, 2014

Warning: the following story may not contain content of an ironic, satirical or not strictly true nature. Loath as Bankstone News is to go all sincere on its readers, every once in a while we come across something that lends itself particularly ill to our usual slapdash cynical nonsensicality.

One such thing is this video newly posted on YouTube by Bankstone’s good friends at Thorneycrofts Solicitors, in which Essex-based biker and tyre shop proprietor David, and his partner Deborah, speak movingly about the unusual and elusive brain injury (Compartment Syndrome) he suffered after a low-speed collision with a vehicle on a side street.

His simply-told touching story speaks volumes about the challenges of diagnosing, managing and living with brain injuries that manifest in less obvious ways – and the importance of retaining a firm of solicitors with the knowledge, empathy and tenacity to secure the help those affected need to put themselves on the road to recovery.

The genuinely sensitive and non-sensational handling of this deeply moving story, underlines what a fine bunch of people Thorneycrofts are – and what a privilege it is for Bankstone to be working hand in hand with them.

Apologies for the lack of irony, satire, careless error etc. Normal service will be resumed shortly!



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