Is there literally no end to the greed of so-called lawyers! In an article in a publication with the exotic title Litigation Fuchsias, Deb Evans, CEO of the Association of Personal Injustice Liars (APIL) likens leeches on the public purse to “unfortunate victims of accidents” and claims that “taking money off injured people” will not reduce motor insurance premiums.

Regular readers of Bankstone News will be well aware of the brave campaign UK insurers have been waging to deliver huge reductions in motor insurance premiums to decent hard-working injury-free motorists (see previous story £50 Off Your Motor Cover). All insurers ask in return is that HMG bans supposedly injured people from colluding with lawyers to claim money ‘off’ insurance companies.

But now Evans and her kind are falsely claiming that insurers are rolling in money already and don’t need to ban personal injury claims in order to charge less for motor insurance. For every valid reason insurers put forward for putting up premiums all the time, Evans has some pathetic excuse for a counter argument.

And yet she has the nerve to brand insurers’ arguments “excuses”! Her piece in Legal Fuchsias claims that the Association of Brush Insurers (ABI) supplies its members with “a list of excuses akin to ‘the dog ate my homework’ to pass the buck for rising insurance premiums to everybody but insurers.”

Come off it, So-Called Debby, we say here at Bankstone News! Rising repair costs is not an excuse! It’s a real thing, because repairing things is getting more expensive and so on, and all Ms Evans can say to counter this indisputable fact is that the real scandal is “repair costs being over-inflated between insurers”. Bankstone News has one word for nonsensical claims like that: Fake News!

What about whiplash? Does that sound like an “excuse”. When the ABI’s own figures clearly show that the cost of claims has gone up by 2.3% year on year, Ms Evans calls this number (predictably) “overinflated” and tries to make out that whiplash claims costs are being overinflated because it suits the ABI’s “agenda”. Pah! The only ones with an agenda here are APIL!

Turning to the forthcoming adjustment to the discount rate, which she describes (inevitably) as overinflated, So-called Ms Evans claims that “For years insurers have benefited from money that rightly belongs to the most seriously injured”. Sensationalist nonsense! If long-term injured people find themselves short of a couple of quid, it will only because they haven’t invested their insurance windfalls wisely in a balanced portfolio of secure high-yield financial products.

But Ms Evans saves her worst slur for last, coming out with the sickening claim that banning personal injury claims won’t even result in lower premiums. “Far-reaching reforms implemented in 2013 through LASPO, wiped millions off the cost of claims,” she says, “but have had no long-term impact on the cost of premiums.” The key word here is long-term. Because, guess what, so-called Debs, nothing lasts for ever – that’s just the way it is, like it or lump it, suck it up etc.

Closing with a chilling vow “to make injured people as powerful as the insurers they are up against when pursuing a claim”, Evans says that insurers should abandon what she describes as a “vitriolic attitude” towards injured persons and should somehow save money by being more efficient or something! Get real, Lady, we say here at Bankstone News. You’re just saying that because you want injured people to carry on bothering insurance firms for compensation.

Terrible. Just terrible.



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