What will people find to complain about next?!

Cyclists and pedestrians have long been a thorn in the side of decent ordinary motorists everywhere, and we’re all utterly weary of their constant whingeing. But now it seems they’re at the heart of some kind of conspiracy to stop us getting the £40 a year premium saving we’ve been promised following the Government’s eminently sensible and proportionate 500% increase in the small claims limit.

Egged on by some elitist pressure group calling itself Cycling UK, around 6,000 cyclists have written to Justice Secretary Elizabeth “Lizzy” Truss moaning on about how they won’t be able to claim back the cost of employing expensive lawyers to argue their (probably made-up) personal injury claims for things like broken collarbones, wrists, ankles and the like.

It’s like that Justice Minister Oliver Heals said the other day: Are we seriously going to sacrifice the chance of getting £40 off our insurance simply to uphold a small claims threshold that hasn’t been put up since 1991 – just to please a few solicitors (and by extension cyclists and pedestrians etc. etc.)?

How dare cyclists and their kind – people who probably don’t even have a car and don’t have to worry about the fact that premiums are just going to carry on up and up as long as people are allowed to make claims – how dare they stand between us and our £40! Representing themselves in court is precisely the kind of thing that sort like doing!

Now is not the time for Government to go soft on personal injury claims. If we start making exceptions for pedestrians, cyclists and “other road users” who knows where it will end!

Next thing you know, some idiot is going to start saying the new limit should only apply to people who aren’t really injured, people like whiplash claimants, and then before you know it our £40 will become £30 or £20 or £10.

One size will fit all very nicely, thank you very much! Insurers don’t have time to mess around sorting the fake claims from the real ones – and we don’t have time to wait forever for that blessed £40. Let’s focus on the real issue here, for goodness sake and stop sacrificing the pockets of the many for the so-called rights of the few.



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