Thinking of buying some car insurance? Don’t be a mug!

December is the worst time to buy car insurance.

Leave it til February, and you could save yourself a whopping £100!

That’s according to leading comparison site MonkeySuperMeerkat who claim that the average motor insurance quote in December last year was a massive £644, whereas by Feb it had fallen as far as £544!

December can be a good time to buy a car, with so-called Salesroom Simons desperate to shift some year-end stock. But then, you’d have to insure it – and the extra cost could take a nasty little bite out of any discount you’re secured — so what would be the point, really?

But why, you are almost certainly clamouring to ascertain, is insurance more expensive in what for purposes of ‘elegant variation’ let us contrive to call the final month of the year?

Essentially, it’s because insurance providers have more or less lost interest by the time the terminal weeks of the annual period come round, and have sent staff home for the holiday season, leading to diminished competition and hence elevated prices.

“Insurers don’t compete as vigorously for business at this time of year,” explains Kevin Pratt of MonkeySuperMeerkat, “because they have fewer staff working thanks to the seasonal holidays and don’t want large amounts of business.”

Also, Kev confides, “we’re generally busy in the run-up to Christmas and therefore less likely to spend the time shopping around for a cheaper quote.”

So there you have it: either don’t buy insurance in the concluding 12th mensual term of the earth’s 365-day solar orbital period – or spend a bit longer looking for a lower premium and/or an insurer that’s actually interested in securing your custom.

The key thing, of course, as Kevin never tires of pointing out, is to do something called ‘shopping around’.


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