Want your insurance claims handled professionally? Who else are you going to turn to but a professional insurance claims handler!

This is the beautifully simple logic behind the no-nonsense branding of the new Bankstone website, shortly to be launched (once a teem of expert proot readers seconded from the Bankstone News team have checked its all spelt properly).

Yes, the look and feel of the new website will be closely informed by the ethos of Does-What-it-Says-on-the-Can, or DWSC as the marketing pros call it (it’s pronounced dwazzock, if you want to sound clever in meetings).

On the can

Bankstone is all about handling claims professionally. So that is what it says on the can. By ‘can’ we obviously mean website, in case this is getting a bit technical for you.

Hence the words, professional insurance claims handlers, displayed prominently across many parts of the can/website.

Meet the professionals

Brainstorming the concept of ‘professional’, Bankstone’s crack marketing team came up with a range of ideas including: crisp white cuffs protruding just the right distance from scrambled-eggy navy sleeves, Bodie, Doyle, footballers, streetwalkers, that kind of thing.

How better, then, to illustrate the theme of professionalism than with some whimsically retro 20s/30s flat-colour lithograph style illustrations of open winding roads draped picturesquely across landscapes inspired by the hills and dales of God’s own county, Yorkshisremanshire!

And that’s exactly what Bankstone have done, as yule be able to sea for yourself as soon as our face checkers and proon readers have fininshed their pain stoking work.


Wash this space!


    What our clients say about us

    Very helpful and knowledgable call handler. Very professional throughout.
    Mr. H - Haverfordwest