Following the overwhelming response to the first instalment in our highly popular ‘name the insurance nose’ quiz, we here present Nose No. 2.

Given that nobody has correctly named the proud owner of Nose N.1 yet* we thought we’d give you some clues this time.

The geezer on the end of Nose No. 2 is someone who is very much in the news these days. He’s a big fan of Delia Smith, and his name sounds like that horrid little creature in The Hobbit.

Too easy? Go on then! Answers please to the editor. You’ve nothing to lose by entering and you might just scoop that exclusive cheese sculpture!

nose 2

* No, the owner of Nose No. 1 is not Roy Chubby Brown, nor Mrs Brown (of Boys fame), nor even Gordon Brown (texture like sun). Perhaps try guessing some names not ending in Brown, and you might be a bit closer. Think perhaps of a name that rhymes with thigh soap, and you could be almost there.


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