On Saint Etheldreda’s Day 2016 the people of Great Britain rose up as one and demanded an immediate exit from the European Union. But was anybody listening? Some days it really doesn’t feel like they were.

Despite all the fine-sounding words about Brexit meaning Brexit and taking back control, this government’s doing precious little to put that theory into practice.

Rather than capitalising on the fact that the rest of the world needs us far more than we need them (which is hardly at all, to be honest), former remainer Theresa May and her ministers seem hell bent on selling us out at every turn.

Their latest act of timorous treachery came to light this week, when it emerged that the UK is planning to sign up to something called the United Nations Vienna Convention on Road Traffic.

Did we vote Leave because we wanted to get ourselves tangled up in new international treaties? No we jolly didn’t! Patriotic Brits want nothing whatsoever to do with sinister unelected foreign bodies like the UN or its poxy Vienna Confection.

The government claims it needs to join the UNVCRT in case we can’t agree a deal with the EU that sees them recognise UK driving licences. Signing up to the Vienna Convention, they say, would allow Brits to apply for an International Driving Permit, entitling us to drive in EU countries.

Bankstone News has one thing, and one thing only, to say to that. No. No. No! We’re not burning our bridges with one globalist supranational entity merely to sign up with another.

If petty vindictive Europeans won’t let us drive on their precious roads, then we won’t let them drive here. See how they like that! Plus, who needs them anyway.

The licences we already have allow us to drive in Florida, Australia, Bermuda and the Cayman Islands. We literally don’t need their stupid roads.

If they want to play silly b*ggers, we’ll beat them at that game every time. Bankstone News for one won’t need an International Driving Permit, because we won’t be doing any ‘international driving’.

If we do drive abroad, we’ll be sticking to good old British driving, thank you very much. And let’s see any jumped-up Johnny Foreigner try and stop us!



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