Young people today are lovely, aren’t they. Caring, sharing, open, honest, so in touch with their emotions. Butter would be fully safe from meltage in their mouths, wouldn’t it. Well, actually, No. No it freaking wouldn’t! That butter would be toast!

Fresh analysis from risk solutions specialists LexusNexus Risk Solutions has found that 17-20 year olds are a bunch of no-good, cheating, manipulative b*st*rds.

‘Is their commitment to straightforward-and-above-boardness slightly inferior to that of other age groups?’ you may be wondering. No. No it is not.

Young drivers are nearly TWICE (that’s TWO times) as likely as any other age group to play fast and loose with the factual veracité when it comes to filling out their details on a motor insurance application form.

Their favourite trick (and those poor fools don’t think we can see what they’re up to!) is switching their position on a quote form back and forth from main driver to named driver to see which one would cost them less.

Little do they realise, that simple act of online fraud could see them put behind bars for up to 100,000 years and get their precious motors seized and flogged off to help fund the recently announced Brexit Bonus NHS Bonanza.

LexusNexus has snooped on quote info passed around by more than 80% of the UK motor market to see how applicants massage the facts in a pathetic attempt to shave a few pennies off their motor insurance premiums.

Now LexusNexus is offering insurance providers some kind of fancy widget that will enable them to come down hard on would-be fronters (the technical term for those who pretend to be named rather than main drivers and/or those who collude in their doing so) and so-called ghost brokers who add named drivers on to policies without the knowledge or permission of the main drivers who’ve taken them out.

By having a good rummage through applicants’ details, and checking, for example, whether main and named drivers have the same surname, LexusNexus can warn insurance providers of potentially fraudulent applicants – and thus ensure young people pay full whack for their insurance – or pay the price for perfidy with a lengthy prison stay.


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