November 15, 2013

For anyone who truly loves bikes – or even someone who simply wants to have their wicked way with one – there’s only one place to be between 23 November and 1 December.

And that, unfortunately, is at Birmingham’s National Exhibition Centre, where motocycliphiles young and old will this year find “all the bikes” and “all the manufacturers” at an event the organisers are currently styling Motorcycle Live (by way of stressing that it’s not prerecorded, clearly).

They will also find “lids”, “leathers” and other bike-related paraphernalia too copiously multifarious to adumbrate even vaguely. Plus, of course, there’ll be listlessly wandering clutches of fixedly smiling, slapped-up young women, barely constrained within too-tight lycra.

Among the gaping onlookers will be Bankstone’s own Vic Typo, who’ll be reporting back on all his adventures in a future edition of Bankstone News.

So, that’s one you won’t want to miss. Unlike this one, which, if you happen to have blinked recently, you may very well have missed already.

Don’t worry: you haven’t missed much.

Have a great weekend (unless you’ve already had it when you read this, in which case, get on with some blo*dy work)!



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