There’s general agreement that, with rancour and division setting the political tone and celebrities dropping like flies, 2016 was something of an anus horribilis.

Tempting as it may be to assume that – as Tony Blair’s 1997 hit had it – things can only get better in 2017, leading professional claims handling specialist Bankstone is certainly taking nothing for granted.

To say that Bankstone is fully prepared for the challenges the coming year will bring – not least the seismic upheavals inherent in the Government’s proposals for how PI claims are handled – would be an understatement.

It’s unlikely you’ll ever have seen a more thoroughly girded pair of loins than those of Bankstone and its fearsome leader Dixon Tyson. Ruefully resigned to the sad reality that the chances of May & Co taking the slightest bit of notice of all the experts (cue sound effect of vigorous expectoration) lining up to warn of unintended consequences in the current consultation are slim to indiscernible, Bankstone is thoroughly prepared to survive and thrive in a post-access-to-justice universe.

Indeed, in a world where fewer cases are fee-earning, there will be a greater need than ever for more sophisticated legally-aware input from claims handling firms like Bankstone on more complex personal injury claims. Bankstone’s close association with law firm Thorneycrofts make it well placed to supply this need.

Unlike the current government, Bankstone continues to believe that in an ideal world all citizens regardless of wealth or position would enjoy equal access to good quality legal assistance in seeking redress from those who cause them harm. In the absence of this, Bankstone starts 2017 as well prepared as it possibly can be to ensure that the interests of those with legitimate claims to pursue (or illegitimate claims to defend) are not unfairly prejudiced by forthcoming changes.

More specifically the new regime is likely to throw up issues around the accurate pricing of more complex claims and ensuring the adequacy of professional indemnity cover (recently flagged as a particular area of concern for the FCA). Whatever the challenges, Dixon Typo insists Bankstone and its highly trained staff are ready and able to rise to them.

Amongst all this, 2017 promises more appetising prospects such as the return of ever-popular driving-karts-around-a-wiggly-track-for-hours-on-end event Insurance Endurance in June, and more imminently the ILC networking lunch in January, to which Mr Tyso is very much looking forward – although, to be honest, looking forward to lunch (or any meal going really) is pretty much a way of life for Mr T.

Whatever challenges and opportunities (meal based or otherwise) 2017 presents to you, Dear Reader, we wish you every success in rising up to do them justice. From Bankstone News and its illustrious sponsor, leading professional insurance claims provider Bankstone, please accept our most heartfelt wishes for a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!



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