Sometime in the very new future, leading professional claims handling specialists Bankstones of Brighouse will be launching their all-new user-friendly website.

In line with the entirely neutral and objective manner in which Bankstone News treats all reporting of our enlightened and generous sponsors Bankstones of Brighouse, we feel bound to note that the aforementioned new website (sneaky peaks at which we have been privileged to take) is quite literally the best thing in the entire world ever.

Site visitors are sure to love the honest no-nonsense way in which the vast swathes of frankly unreadable verbiage that plagued its predecessor have been replaced by radically pared down nuggets of unreadable verbiage accompanied by charming block-colour illustrations of rolling moorland countryside artfully draped with lonely ribbons the open winding road, richly evocative of the traditional pleasures of British motoring, as are the equally charming illustrations of ancient cars, bikes, and other stuff like they had back in the day.

Another feature sure to attract attention is the scroll-and-click Brady Bunch style staff profiles page (see below) through which users will be able to find out which member of the Bankstone staff is a major Demis Roussos fan (mostly the early Aphrodite’s Child stuff), which keeps pigmy otters in her bathtub, and which uses Irn Bru as cologne.


    What our clients say about us

    The staff member I spoke to was very polite, sympathetic and just sounded like a very nice person and this made a difficult time for me much easier. Thank you.
    Mr. M - Felixstowe