From our South East correspondent Fidel Givenchy.

Another week brings news of another criminal mastermind striking at the very heart of the motor insurance industry. Jabba Choudhary must have thought he’d come up with the perfect crime when he changed his name by deed poll before staging an ‘accident’ with a car owned by his father, Zorba Choudhary.

If so, he was sadly mistaken. On Wednesday 4 January in the year of our Lord two thousand and seventeen Jabba C was taken to London Inner Crown Court, there to be sentenced to 16 months’ imprisonment and to be suspended for two years for the hideous and unnatural crimes of a) committing fraud by false representation and b) failing to reveal stuff that he should have revealed.

Cunning Choudhary changed his name to Carlos Dior before embarking on a spree of C4C crime that saw him involved in no fewer than three highly suspect collisions and claiming bigly for no end of non-existent neck pain.

If Choudhary imagined he’d soon be living the sweetly scented good life, decked top to toe in couture, he’d reckoned without the many and all-seeing eyes of top anti-fraud squad the iFEDs.

The name change proved woefully insufficient to put the FEDs off so-called Dior’s scent, due to the fact that Jabba still lived at home with his dad. Two parties to the same RTA claim cohabiting is exactly the kind of thing to set alarm bells ringing round FED Central.

And, sure enough, as soon as children’s insurer Geoffrey reported the address coincidence to the FEDs they were on him in a flash. “Choudhary not only committed fraud by false representation,” notes Sgt Steve Netherlands of the FEDs, “but also failed to disclose that he was related to the person he was claiming against.”

Which is probably why they done him.

Additional reporting by Raul Chanel and Pepe Vuitton.



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