All the votes have been counted and we have a winner!

For a while it was neck and neck between Christopher Belgian and Steve ‘Rooster’ Cockerel, with Keithley’s Brad Radman putting on an impressive late-entry spurt to come up strongly on their tails, but, in the end, a last minute flurry of votes from the Bristol area finally clinched it, by a clear margin, for Chris B.

So welcome aboard, Christopher! Bankstone News and its reader look forward to seeing the first of your columns sometime in the very near future. But if it’s rubbish, don’t think we won’t be calling the Rooster, who seemed very keen to tell us what he thought about the Toyota Priapus – or indeed young Bradley, whose (‘not so much a bribe, let’s call it a gesture of good will’) offer of a VIP night at the very classy Krystalz private members club in Bingley sounded mighty enticing.

Accepting his confirmation as Bankstone News’ new motoring correspondent at a prestigious ceremony held on the pavement outside the perversely disobliging Bradford Museum of Old Police Stuff, Christopher Belgian said “Alright. Tiz a mazen honour to be voted Bankstone Nuze motor correspodnl whatnot, innit, mind. Nice one. In a bit!”

Incidentally, to all of you who wrote expressing concerns over having to submit full credit card and bank details in order to register to vote, please rest assured, your details are safe with us, and will be returned to you by email in due course, after use (see terms and conditions, published separately).

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