Ah, the open road, the scent of adventure, the whiff of an escapade, etc. etc. Remember those halcyon days when the roads were empty, the sun always shone, and the fields and hills were simple blocks of undifferentiated colour?

Bankstone certainly does! And now the UK’s most professionalesque and friendlyish outsourced claims-handling services providers are bringing those days well and truly back, with a brand new visual theme brazenly ripped off from classic British poster art of the 30s and 40s.

Bank to the future

A tantalising glimpse of things to come came the way of Bankstone News this week, with the release of Bankstone’s much anticipated Legal Expenses Insurance Policy Key Farts flyer (see below).

It may look like one of those ‘ants in a multicoloured sand and glass sandwich’ vivarium things; but what you are in fact looking at (see below) is a stylised graphic representation of a bit of road ascending some Yorkshire-based moorland.

Name that bit of road competition

Think you recognise that winding ribbon of tarmac? You do? That’s truly excellent news, because it means you, yes you, could be in with a very real chance of winning your very own first edition copy of the very leaflet in question. A copy, no less, personally signed by whoever it was who clicked the ‘woodblock landscape effect’ button to transform a perfectly ordinary photograph of… (ha, almost gave the game away there!) Hillside X in Yorkshire into the attractive, and in no way bilious, work of art you see before you (see below).

Simply email [email protected] with your correct answer (not forgetting to include your full postal address and, of course, your credit card details including everything on the front of the card, please, plus the last three digits on the strip on the reverse) and we’ll rush your handsome prize to you post haste.

More where this came from

And if you’re a fan of this exciting new visual approach, there’s more good news: a brand new Bankstone website (coming soon) and all Bankstone’s future visual collateral will be taking their cue from the visual you see before you (see below). So you’ve got that to look forward to.

If nothing else.

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 18.42.24


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