Bankstone has heard a lot of cynical nonsense in its time. To be honest, we’ve probably come out with a fair bit of it ourselves. But, in all our days, we can honestly say we’ve never heard anything quite so breathtakingly cynical, nonsensical and above all preposterous as the suggestion currently being bandied about by Neil “Suge” Sugarman of cynical pressure group APIL that motor insurers might not pass on the savings they make following the repeal of access to justice later this year.

Suge (pron. shoog) says the government is “naïve” (a foreign word, possibly Belgian, Bankstone News has learned, and not apparently a terribly complimentary one) if it believes “the savings insurers make on compensation will result in lower insurance premiums.”

Well, honestly, what a vile slur. And what a cynical self-serving man, so-called Suge must be! If insurers say we’re getting £40 a year off our motor insurance premiums, who exactly does Suge think he is to go round claiming we won’t!

Not content with that cynical nonsense, Mr Suge has also had recourse to the proverbial back of a fag packet on which to trump up some grossly misleading “calculations” purporting to demonstrate the inadequacy of HMG’s proposed compensation for persons alleging so-called soft tissues injury.

The Government, he claims, plans to limit compensation for whiplash injuries with ‘symptoms’ lasting six months to £400. That, he says, “is six months of pain, six months of sleepless nights, six months of not being able to look after young children properly, and even, for some, six months without work.”

In other words, the proposed £400 works out over six months of pain and inconvenience at around £66.66 a month, £2.22 a day, or £0.09 per hour. Anyone so afflicted would therefore have to endure 666 minutes of pain and inconvenience to qualify for a single £1.00 of compensation. All of which might be more of a concern if it weren’t for the fact that there’s no such thing as whiplash!

In suggesting that £400 is a small sum of money, fat cat lawyer Suge reveals just how hopelessly out of touch with decent ordinary hard working people he really is. “I would receive almost the same amount if I were travelling from London to Glasgow and my train was delayed by two hours,” says elite spokespiece Suge.

Clearly he’s not travelling Supersaver class as he shuttles around the UK spreading the pernicious propaganda of his masters at the Association of Personal Injury Liars!

When will high-handed metropolitan meddlers like Suge finally accept that the Great British people are not interested in fancy abstractions like access to justice. We just want our £40 back!



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