Bankstone News has been almost literally besieged this week by communications of one kind or another from various persons frustrated at what they complained was the unhelpfully small scale at which the nasal portrait accompanying last week’s Name the Nose competition was reproduced.

Never accuse Bankstone News of being slow to bend over backwards to please its readers. Here, in, if not all, then at least a pretty fair proportion of its glory, we bring you the mystery nose as big as we can possibly make it. No it’s not huge. Yes, its a tad pixelated. But this is honestly the best we can do.

If you still can’t guess whose noble proboscis is here depicted, fear not: there’ll be plenty more like it in coming weeks, unless either a) reason prevails or b) we can be bothered to bring you some proper news instead.

Enter now, and that giant luxury cheese sculpture could be yours!

Answers, please, as ever, to¬†[email protected].

Preview - nose copy


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