The accompanying photo, as more astute readers will readily recognise, shows a bit of a motorcycle.

And a bit of wall with a sign on it, obviously.

For a chance to win a share in our top prize of a FREE* lifetime’s subscription to Bankstone News, simply identify the motorcycle model in question and explain, in words of no more than three syllables, why anyone in their right mind (or Bankstone MD Dinsmore Thighstrap) would be riding it.

Answers please on an old-style £5 note to editor@bankstone.news.co.uk

If you don’t get it straight away, don’t worry. It doesn’t mean you’re some kind of a moron or anything.

Although you might be, for all Bankstone News knows (which, as we have surely already demonstrated beyond reasonable doubt, is remarkably little).

Plus: we’ll be publishing additional teaser images of different parts of the bike each week until somebody gets it right.



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