October 3, 2016

Sadly none of the many entries in last week’s exiting Name that Bike competition managed to hit the nail on the head. Not for want of trying, mind (see below), but our those metaphorical cigars will be staying in their metaphorical humidor for now.

In view of this regrettable circumstance, we now find ourselves obliged to release a second partial photographic likeness of our mystery bike – and to warn readers that further clues will continue to appear in this slot until such time as a correct answer and/or £345.00 in used fivers is received by this office.

For the avoidance of further error, here are some of this week’s WRONG answers.

  • Peter Sandleigh wrote in suggesting that the machine pictured is an MBK Doodo, which was WRONG, so don’t-don’t anyone write in with that suggestion again please.
  • Danni Amari-Osman, also needs to guess again. Seriously, Danni? Surely any idiot can see the pictured bike is not a Hodaka Combat Wombat.
  • Captain Andy Neil sent us an email from the Princess Sultana airbase where he is currently serving on secondment to the Royal Saudi Air Force, suggesting that the bike shown is the legendary Hardurokan Seaburglar, which it clearly isn’t. Because the Hardurokan Seaburglar is just a legend and not a real motorcycle, which, you will notice, the one pictured clearly is.
  • Is it “some kind of monkey bike” wondered Pete Chissenharp. No it most certainly isn’t! Can you imagine Bankstone’s glorious leader Desmond Torso riding around on one of those!

If you think you can do better than that sorry shower, send your CORRECT answer to editor@bankstone-news.co.uk



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