In this week’s make-weight throwaway picture competition story (possibly the first of two this week, seeing as this edition got mysteriously held over from Friday with the chilling implication that you may yet receive another edition just three days from now), we ask you:

Just exactly who is driving this conspicuously filthy spring-loaded off-road runabout – and, more challengingly perhaps, why?

If you can identify the driver and offer a reasonably plausible diagnosis of the mild form of insanity prompting him to do so, you will automatically qualify for a chance to be entered in an exclusive draw for some unspecified prize at some unspecified point in time somewhere in the far distant future.

Clue: he is not a member of popular street dance crew BRIGHAUS BAD BOYZ, notwithstanding any indication to the contrary you may believe you have discerned embossed upon the, admittedly mud-caked and therefore part-way illegible, front fender.

Answers in an email, please, to [email protected]

Closing date for entries: whenever really, we not too fussed.

who is driving

If you can’t guess, don’t worry: all will be revealed in a future edition of Bankstone News.


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