October 27, 2010

Anticipation of Post Magazine’s 2011 Motor Claims conference is already approaching (that favourite medical-musical cliché) fever pitch. So if you haven’t already booked up for 10 February, what on earth are you waiting for?

According to the pre-publicity blurb, the 2011 event, wittily entitled Accelerating Change, “promises to be more focused, relevant and even bigger.” Even bigger, that is, than this year’s, which “welcomed more key decision makers than ever.”

What will delegates discuss? “Within the motor claims community, a plethora of issues continue to plague the industry.” Does this superfluity of issues not also plague the industry beyond the confines of the motor claims community? You’ll have to turn up to find out!

If you do, you may also learn: about the ‘unspoken rule’ of subrogation and why insurers have “one set of rules for when they’re at fault and another for non fault claims” (having two sets certainly sounds potentially confusing), how all this MoJ-reforms business has affected the claims process, and whether rehabilitation benefits the policyholder or extends the life of a claim (could it even do both?).

There will also be a discussion of “the ethical behaviours of the motor claims community.” That shouldn’t take too long.


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