Ever wondered how it feels ride the scenically windswept moors of North Yorkshiremanshire atop a strange little motorcycle-thing whilst wearing some unwieldy fancy dress costume?

Come on! You have, haven’t you! Unless, of course, you’re one of the select band of the lucky few who’ve already taken part in Bankstone’s annual charity fundraising monkey bike rally round Yorkshiremanshire.

If you haven’t, and you’d like to get a feel for how that might feel, Bankstone News can help! In time for next week’s edition, we’ll be putting the finishing touches to an all-action all-spills promo vid featuring never before seen footage from the 2013 event.

As one of our valued readers you automatically qualify for exclusive access to a special private view link to this red hot video presentation, one you’ll be sure to want not to miss at any price if you can possibly help it!

Once you’ve seen it you’ll be sure to want to sign up straight away for this year’s event. “So, when is that, exactly?” you will probably be asking next. It would normally have been over the weekend of 5th and 6th July, but the bloomin’ Tour de France people have only gone and booked North Yorkshiremanshire up for that weekend.

So we might have to pre-empt them by pre-tracing their steps the previous weekend. This would take us round a route that passes the very doors of recently purchased Addingham-based insurance brokers A. J. Hird no fewer than two (count them, two!) times. Perhaps this year’s dress code could be skin tight lycra? Or perhaps not, on second thoughts. Might look at bit odd stretched over leathers.

So, as they say in show business, watch this space!!!

And, in the meantime, very many happy new year’s wishes from everyone here at Bankstone News!



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